Web Architecture

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Web servers
Definition – A web server is the hardware that helps to deliver web content that can be accessed through the internet. The most common use of a web server is to host web sites but there are also other uses such as gaming, data storage and running enterprise applications.
What it is/what it does – A web server helps to deliver content that can be accessed through the internet, the most common use for a web server is to host websites, the main function of a web server is to cater web page to the requests of the people using the HTTP.
Example – Apache – known for playing a key role in the growth of the world wide web it is the most popular web server, it serves more than 100 million websites. This allows people to be able to see one or more of the websites held on the server.
IIS stands for internet information services it is a web server created by Microsoft it supports HTTP, HTTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, NNTP. It listens for requests and returns the specific web page to the user.
Email servers
Definition – An email server is computer within a network that works as a virtual post office it consists of a storage area where the email is stored for local users, a set of user definable rules which determines how the server will react to the destination of the message, a database of user accounts so that the mail goes to the write inbox.
What it is/What it does
An email server is a server that gets the email and works out which computer to send it to by scanning through the user accounts then sends it to the right address and only that address so that no one else can see it.

Microsoft exchange is an email server developed by Microsoft it takes the emails then searches through the addresses and sends them out to the correc...

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...e same and different types and also carries out translations to deal with dissimilar data addressing schemes . It injects packets into any network and delivers them to the destination independently to one another.
Layer 1 of TCP/IP is network access, this layer includes wires, network interface cards, etc also other related details in this layer are connectors, signal strength and wavelength, it uses the required LAN operating algorithms. It is also responsible for placing the data within a frame, the frame is the package that holds the data.

HTTP - stands for hypertext transfer protocol, this is an application protocol for disturbed, collaborative and hypermedia information systems. It is the foundation of data communication for the web. It is the protocol to exchange/transfer hypertext which is structured text that uses logical links between nodes.
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