Web Architecture

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Web architecture

Definition of ISP
ISP – Internet Service Provider , an internet service provider is a business company that offers the internet to customers which could be businesses or just customers which can be provided in many different forms, it could use existing telephone lines or existing cable TV lines.
What it is/what it does
An ISP is a business that provides the internet to customers for a monthly fee , they provide the internet for either your business or household, you have to connect to them for them to connect you to the internet. When you visit a website all of the information filters through the isp, the isp monitors everything that is being searched. It gets filtered through so that people do not have direct access to the web.
AOL – AOL stands for America online, it is a multinational mass media corporation that not only grows and develops brands and websites but also invests in them, they provide a portal to access the internet but you cannot access the internet without going through AOL most people don’t like AOL because once you have it , it is hard to get rid of it because it takes over your machine.
Earthlink – Earthlink operates two distinct divisions which are Earthlink business services and Earthlink consumer services, the business services include connectivity, IT services and wholesale services it provides IP and IT services for more than 150,000 customers. The consumer services include broadband, voice over internet protocol , phone services , dial up internet , web hosting and ecommerce it provides internet services to over 1 million homes.

Definition of Web Hosting
A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows customers to make their website accessible via t...

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...d to make a quick and easy website. You can add different elements within the website on some software and others you can’t for example you could add a slideshow or an rss feed on some but not others depending on the level of the profession of the software.
An example of a software is dream weaver this software allows you to create a professional looking web site by choosing the layout, design and other things. They make it easier to make web site where as other sites don’t.
An example of a software could be note pad , but this is a bad software to create a web site because you would have to know all the codes for everything where as other websites make it easier by having the codes already there. Having the codes already there means it will be a better software to create a website because it is quicker and easier than using a note pad.

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