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There have been many devastating events in foreign countries resulting in financial aid from the U.S and other nations. Many disasters like the earthquake in Haiti of 2010, the tsunami in Japan of 2011, and in more recent events the typhoon in the Philippines of 2013. It’s not just natural disasters, but it could also be hunger, epidemics, wars, or other unfortunate events that have been recognized and provided with aid from America and other countries. Some countries were able to give aid to these countries in need. I think that wealthier nations should be required to share their wealth, but make sure to give a sufficient amount. Many Americans think that America is giving too much of our money to provide aid to other countries. I understand why they would think that since people hear that the U.S donates billions of dollars to some countries. Actually, America gives $30 billion dollars to programs that assist the worlds needy, like Red Cross, United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), etc. To middle-class folks, like myself, I can understand why giving away billions of dollars would seem like a lot. I sometimes wonder why they would give so much. I mean America already has its own problems. We have a lot poor people in this country and on top of that we have a $17,503,328,232,867 National Debt and counting. In fact, in 1970 the world’s rich countries agreed to give 0.7% of their gross national income as official international development aid; therefore, the truth of the matter is that what people may consider 25% of the federal budget is actually less that 1% of the federal budget that we are giving up to poorer countries. Other people think that there are many downsides to giving financial aid to foreign countries like ho... ... middle of paper ... ... As for the poor in our own country we can’t help it. I believe that the corruption and misfortune that goes on in this world will never cease. Just how there is no such thing as a perfect person there is no such thing as a perfect country. We can try our very best to build up the economy and help the poor, but not everybody can have a job and there will always be a few that are lower class and might not always have enough to eat. We can try and help the deprived, but that does not mean that we should be selfish and keep all our money to ourselves. If we are able to we should try our very best to help others countries and help our own citizens as well. Bibliography • www.globalissues.org/article/35/foreign-aid-development-assisstance by Anup Shah • www.usdebtclock.org/ • borgenproject.org/foreign-aid/ • roundtable.newamerica.net/ by Jay Pelosky

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