Wealth and Poverty

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Wealth and Poverty Hindus have had to live with poverty throughout their history so they have learnt to cope with it and have well defined attitudes towards it. Unlike most Christians, Hindus know what poverty is like on a day-to-day basis. Beliefs According to artha, Hindus can earn what is needed to feed and clothe and educate their family but greed is very dangerous. It clouds the mind, poisons it and prevents us from seeing and experiencing Brahman. It anchors us here on earth forever to be reborn. We should not desire more than we need. We should love and share with all others. The collective happiness of all humans is our concern. Aid should be given to the poor freely and without thought of reward. If a rich person keeps all his/her wealth, it will cause his/her ruin. Real charity is to give people the chance to stand on their own feet, to earn what they need, not to keep people relying on aid. When Hindus reach a certain age, they often give up all their possessions and go off into the forest to seek Brahman. They own nothing as these sannyasis and it is accepted that villagers feed them as they pass through. Giving up wealth is considered an aid to one's journey towards Moksha. It is possible that individual poverty is caused by bad karma in a previous life, or collective bad karma in this life. Quotations from Sacred Writings: "A person is what his deep desire is. It is the deepest desire in this life that shapes the life to come." Chandogya Upanishad III 14:1 "For the man who forsakes all desires and abandons all pride of possession and of self reaches the goal of peace supreme." Bhagavad... ... middle of paper ... ...e secret to the services performed for a better life. Aims and Objectives ------------------- The social spiritual activities of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha aim to inspire a better and happier individual, family and society. Through its 170 spiritual and humanitarian activities it aims to inspire one and all towards a better way of life through the humanitarian values of service, purity, discipline, love, tolerance, harmony. Energize its efforts against dowry, smoking, drugs, alcohol and other destructive addictions. Promote harmony and peace among all communities through understanding and co-operation. Develop constructive and creative youth and children's activities to increase their energy, promoting educational and social services. Sustain the roots of Indian Culture and all the good that it stands for.
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