We should have Homework

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“Oh my gosh!” is what most would say when a teacher assigns homework. Students don’t always understand that homework can help in many ways. Teachers are not trying to take away a time from your day; they simply want to know that you understand what they are teaching in class to you. Homework has many advantages for you; it lets you help yourself, it teaches responsibility, and also helps ones concentration. First, homework can help you understand what you’ve been taught on your own. Take math for example, if you asked a lot of questions in class you are able to try to think to yourself about the problem, and understand how to solve it. Studying the problem will help you get the problem done. Also it will get you done faster if you can understand it. Being able to do homework without having to cheat may be the first responsibility any child or student will have. Second, having homework can help a student learn responsibility. If a student doesn’t get work done in class or is assigned it, it is that students responsibility to write it down in a planner or journal to help them remem...
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