We need to stop our judgment toward the poor society

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After I read the working poor book chapter 6 “sins of the fathers” I was deeply touched to see how poor people were living in a very disturbing condition and to see the cause of their downfall was really not a choice. I always assumed that if one person is poor he or she have done something wrong in their past of course not every person but my mind was set on that idea because I was raised that way. Therefore because I thought they messed up their own life with the choice they made, they don’t deserve to get a lot of help from us for example getting food stamps from the people tax they pay. However after I read working poor it showed me that these innocent people right were taken and they should get help. First all poor people are very accused of ripping off other hard worker by the help they get from the government. The main method which is considered as a rip of is food stamps. Food stamps are considered to be making the poor people independent and not helping them. However the irony is that the bigger people and companies are the one who is ripping off the government and the peop...
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