We are seven Lyrical Ballards A Poem by Williams Wordsworth

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Wordsworth “We are seven” Lyrical Ballards

Wordsworth “we are seven” Lyrical Ballard was written in 1978 when he was 28 years old. The poem was filled with natural and supernatural events. “A simple child, that lightly draws its breath, and feels its life in every limb, describing the little girl being full of life. The speaker questioned the little girl what should it know about death? The poem starts off by the speaker asking a child what they know about death. Then he meets an eight year old cottage girl. The curly thick haired little girl appeared to make the speaker happy. The description of the little girl “rustic, woodland air” gives the reader an image of a country harsh air. Wordsworth used natural and supernatural meanings in “we are seven”. The little girl was unable to understand death by repeatedly included the two dead siblings. The little girl has a strong imagination and nature is confusing her from understanding the difference between her living and dead siblings. The little girl could explain where her other siblings were but she couldn’t distinguish the living for the dead. She told the speaker that two siblings were at sea, two other lie in the churchyard, one beneath the churchyard tree. The child said that two dead siblings’ at sea spirits are in heaven. Wordsworth used supernatural being to explain the siblings’ spirits are in heaven. The natural aspect relates to the one sibling lying beneath the churchyard tree. The speaker still question the number of siblings to the child she insist that “we are seven”.

Coleridge “Frost by Midnight” Lyrical Ballard

This poem takes place late at night when the speaker Coleridge is the speaker and his infant son is the silent speaker. Coleridge shares his wishe...

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...omy. Class changed when wealthy people separated themselves from the poor. As time pass the industrial era change wealthy folks in to poor. When Mr. Earnshaw saved Heathcliff from the streets and bought him to the family he was looked down upon and not accepted by the family except for Catherine. Men were superior then women and women were held accountable for their actions. Women had power they were influential until the point they would use seduction for marriage. Catherine was influence with wealth and she was faithful to her husband Edgar.

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