We Need For Homeless Students

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On a single night in January of 2013, 610,042 people were on the streets with no place to sleep in the United States (Henry). These people struggle to find food every day and struggle to find somewhere to sleep every night. Within this group a lot of students in school are dealing with being homeless, which hugely affects how they learn and how their brain works. At their age, kids have no way to control whether they are homeless or not and most of the time struggle in the classroom. Society tells us that education is vital from kindergarten through high school and for one to succeed they need it. According to Open Door Mission the average age of a homeless person is nine years old (Open Door Mission). A nine year old would be in the second grade of elementary school. This just shows how many students are impacted by homelessness. If education at a younger age is so important then why are we allowing kids to go through this important stage being homeless? We need to help homeless students in school so that they can get educated and have a way to get out of being homeless, and succeed after they get out of school. Teachers in the classroom play a huge role in these students’ lives by teaching them the information. Teachers are challenged when teaching subjects due to each student being on a different level and making sure all of them are learning. Some ways a teacher might be able to tell if a student is homeless is by the student always being tired. Some students struggle to find a place to sleep, then do not get the recommended hours of sleep for them to function throughout the whole day. Most say that it is the student’s responsibility to learn and understand the material. However teachers should focus on these students m... ... middle of paper ... ...the public housing neighborhoods from the surrounding communities can create a hostile environment” (Assad). While crime may increase, the crime is not enough to not create more housing for homeless. A homeless life is not something that the children choose to live and they need all the assistance they can get to help them defeat it. Children are not going to be able to eliminate the homeless life by themselves and need help from the school and to the parents. Education is very important in life and can shape one’s future. When students are going to school starved and tired, they are not going to learn and get anything out of the day. There are many ways one can help this problem, whether it is donating your time, money, food, supplies, or even shelter. Therefore, if these children are the future of our world shouldn’t we be helping them now to then later help us?

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