We Must Stop Cloning Now!

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We Must Stop Cloning Now!

Did you know it took 277 tries to finally create the first mammal clone, Dolly? The process of cloning is not even close to being perfected to be used on animals or humans. It would also cause many different problems in the world if we did start cloning. We should stop this practice because it has to many flaws, it destroys individuality and uniqueness, will cause over population, and is against many religious and moral beliefs.

Cloning started off with farmers cloning plants thousands of years ago in very simple ways, like cutting a plant and letting the roots combine to make another plant. Early farmers devised many different breeding techniques to reproduce plants with great traits like faster growth, lager seeds, and sweeter fruits. This is what led to the first clone of an animal.

The process of animal cloning involves taking an unfertilized egg, or oocyte, and swapping the nucleus the oocyte with a different quiescient nucleus from another animal. The process of swapping is called Nucleus Transfer. Once the new nucl...
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