We Must Safeguard Children from Online Predators

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In the recent years, our society is witnessing a rapid growth in underage sex crimes due to the online predators. Crimes originated from the internet activities are impacting all cultures, religions and geographic locations. Unfortunately, many sick individuals are overlooked by our law enforcement, and as a result they are victimizing children nation-wide. There is no worse crime than the attacks against youngsters because they are the future of our nation and thus our most precious jewels. The internet is a great tool with abundant benefits, but it has also increased danger because it can be anonymous. Knowing this fact, predators are taking full advantage of the internet to fulfill their repulsive fantasies. The online sexual predators have become a serious threat against adolescents; it is essential that parents address this as a national issue to stop these heinous crimes.

Young lives are being exploited by predators online, mostly because the internet permits one to be anonymous. While the internet is a great tool for children to use for homework assignments, expand on their personal interests and socialize with friends, it also poses tremendous threats to them. In the article, MySpace Not Responsible for Predator, a 14-year-old child met with a 19-year-old man who allegedly raped her. The rapist had used an alias to lie about his age to get her attention. This is an example of an unfortunate incident where a child became the victim of a predator. A monster robbed a young girl from her childhood’s innocence in moments; a time where she should have been worried-free of such repulsive crimes.

The online sexual exploitation among the young generation is growing exponentially. The statistics provided by Internet –...

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