We Must Reduce the Drop-Out Rates for Aboriginal People

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There are many current and emerging issues that impact students and their education. These issues impact western and aboriginal students in their own way and some more than the other. Dropping out of school is a main issue because many students do it and they each have their own reasons why. It is an issue because students who tend to drop out of school have a higher chance of not returning and not finishing the get their high school diploma. There are many different reasons why students decide to drop out of school, according to Stats Canada “Young men continue to have higher dropout rates then young women. In 2009/2010, 10.3% of young men and 6.6% of young women had dropped out of high school.” (Gilmore, 2010) Men have a higher rate of dropping out of school because they tend to want to work and make money rather than getting their education. Men are better known to not be that involved in school as much as women would and if they have the opportunities to have a job without their education they would opt to do that instead of staying in school because they would rather be making money then getting their education. They may feel that work is more of a priority and that making money is more important. Young women have different reasons than young men to why they may opt to drop out of school. “Young women were more likely to drop out because of personal or family reasons, such as pregnancy or having a young child at home.” (Gilmore, 2010) It is well known that aboriginal youth located on and off reserve are more likely to drop out of school then non aboriginals and this happens for different reasons starting from health issues to poverty. “According to Labor Force Survey data, for 2007/2010, the dropout rate among First Natio... ... middle of paper ... ... known struggle for aboriginals to stay in school and finish more than it is a struggle for non-aboriginals because of the issues that evolve around aboriginals, the only thing we can do to help these rates decrease are to continue working and help educators find and implement new ways to help students succeed. Works Cited Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative. (2008). Retrieved from Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative: http://www.maei-ieam.ca/current_initiative.html Gilmore, J. (2010, 11 03). Stats Canada. Retrieved 12 01, 2013, from Statistics Canada: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/ Helen D. Armstrong, B. C. (n.d.). Indigenizing the Curriculum for Student Success. Retrieved from Indigenizing the Curriculum for Student Success: http://www.education.gov.sk.ca/160-report Sun, V. (2008, 10 29). Canada.com. Retrieved 12 01, 2013, from http://www.canada.com

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