We Must Prevent Global Warming

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Several citizens died in the Midwest United States due to the effects of dangerous tornados, large hail, and severe flooding. Several deaths occurred during the flooding event. Kentucky received twenty inches of rain. The world as a whole needs to take action by reducing emissions. The vehicles that are driven emit tremendous amounts of carbon monoxide. This is gripping the world’s atmosphere as it traps heat and does not let it escape. The greenhouse effect occurs and also death from the weather that follows. Global warming negatively affects the world’s climate because humans produce contaminants through industry and car emissions that need to be reduced in order to survive. First, Last week there were catastrophic severe thunderstorms that rolled through the Midwest. More than four southerners died during a one hundred mile long tornado. This same tornado broke the record for the longest ground dwelling tornado in Kentucky history. The same cluster of storms produced large hail, sever flooding, and of course a terrible tornado. The summer of 1999 brought a horrible drought to the Mid Atlantic region. This drought was one of the worst in history (Gelbspan). Bad droughts are terrible for agriculture growth and the lifestyle of the Mid Atlantic in general. Two hundred seventy mid Atlantic people died from heat and the drought that year (Gelbspan). All factors above are indicative of Global Warming. The reduction of gas guzzling vehicles is necessary to even make a dent into the damage that we have caused. “In fact reductions to seventy percent are necessary” (Gelbspan). These vehicles emit carbon monoxide which is a dangerous colorless odorless gas. Car... ... middle of paper ... ...act. Switch to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or hydroelectric power. This is not only cleaner but a cheaper method as well. This earth will not change with the world’s dirty economy, and change is important. A cleaner earth means less death and more typical weather seasons. Works Cited Morgan Sally. “ The Pros and Cons of COAL, GAS and oil.” New York. Ross Publishing 2001. Print. Baker. “ Does air pollution-specifically particulate matter (aerosols)-affect global warming? Union of concerned scientists. B. Ekwurzel, , N. Cole, P. Frumoff, and S. Shaw (ucs). Web. May 1, 2009. May 20, 2010. Gelbspan Ross. “Global warming is a serious environmental threat” Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. The Environment Ed. William Dudley. Web. 2001. San Diego: Greenhaven press, May 21, 2010.
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