We Must Blame The People Behind Us

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We hardly cherish what we obtain easily. It is like we always ignore the peoples’ feeling who are really close to us. However, people who are close to us are the people behind us and accompanying us whether positive things or negative things happen to us. Maybe we will ask who they are. The answer for sure is that they are our family and friends. To put it another way, everything happens for a reason. There was an event that happened to me and it makes me think a lot about cherish. One day I saw a couple they argued in the street, they were seemed like really angry. When I just walked down the street in the afternoon, I thought they might be just arguing about some little tiny problem. However, the girl splashed a bottle of water on her boyfriend 's face. Her face was red and she might also said some bad words. The water-drops dropped down from the boy’s hair. Then I saw the boy 's eyes that with the sense of loss more than anger. He said nothing, but the expression in his eyes already sell him. He might already regret having kept on relationship with the girl. When I turned my face to the girl, she seemed not as strong as when she splashed the water before. Her face showed that she could not believe that she did that. She should not do that, but she did it. She might want to say sorry and the words are already rushing to her lips. She said nothing except she lowered her head to recognize her mistake. 2 As a stranger, when I saw this incident, the first question that came to my mind was how can she do that to him? He might be breaking up with her and that is good for him. I thought that girl had bad temper. I also thought that she should not do that. That is a person who is really close to you! Waite a minute, did I do similar ... ... middle of paper ... ...he people that I should cherish them. However, how can I treat them in such a way that we will both be happy? If I stop what I want to express, I will feel painful. But if I just express what I want to say or do, they might get hurt. It is hard to find a perfect way. Maybe this is a question that I still need to discover about. All in all, Millions upon millions of things happen each day in our life just like I saw the couple’s arguing. I always believe that all the things happen for a reason so the couple’s arguing reminded me of cherish. These things can always bring us something that makes us explore ourselves. Then I found I also made similar mistakes to my friends before. Nevertheless, whatever happens a good thing or bad thing, there is always something that we can gain from. Now, I know that I should cherish the people who are close to me instead of hurt them.

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