We Do NOT Have Extraterrestrial Ancestors

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Archaeology is the study of past human activities (Crawford, 2014). Although it has the potential to be subjective, archaeology essentially uses scientific methods to create theories about the past. Pseudoarchaeology, on the other hand, is an approach of archaeology, which does not implement scientific procedures in order to make allegations about the past. Pseudoarchaeology continues to be popular in society because it romanticizes the past in order to create a more compelling story for society (Feder, 2013). One of the claims made is the ancient astronaut theory. In summary, this theory states that extraterrestrials, have not only visited earth in the past, but have also shaped ancient cultures’ use of technology, and are alternative explanations for certain historical sites (America’s Book of Secrets: The Ancient Astronaut Cover-Up, 2013). Moreover, this theory claims that archaeological artifacts prove that there were once ancient astronauts. Erich von Däniken discussed these proofs some of which include but are not limited to: the Nazca lines in Peru and the cave paintings of ancient Gods worldwide (America’s Book of Secrets: The Ancient Astronaut Cover-Up, 2013). These claims were discussed in the show “America’s Book of Secrets” specifically, the episode on ancient alien conspiracies. This show is based on exposing truths of which the producers believe is hidden by the government and academics. The episode begins with suspenseful music and flashing pictures of political figures and images that would infer a mysterious theme. These pictures are narrated with leading questions such as “have aliens been visiting us for thousands of years?” and bold statements such as “mainstream science has been hiding o... ... middle of paper ... ... haven’t they found concrete artifacts of these aliens? If archaeologists have proven the existence of ancient societies through stuff they’ve left behind, why haven’t the aliens left anything behind? So, using a scientific means of reasoning, no artifacts have indeed been left behind, is proof that this theory is a dubious claim, and that these real archaeological findings have been falsely portrayed by this show. Works Cited Crawford, G. 2014 Lecture 2: Archaeology Feder, K.L. 2013 Frauds, myths, and mysteries: science and pseudoscience in archaeology. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. N.Y. 8: 10, 218-230. Paddor, S. 2013 America’s Book of Secrets: The Ancient Astronaut Cover-Up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3a9gBCBPdk Wilson, D.J 1988 Desert Ground Drawings in the Lower Santa Valley, North Coast of Peru. American Antiquity 53: 794-804

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