We And Feel Me Feel Me Hear Me Reach Me By Adhanie Adichie

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The “we” in Adichie’s essay and the “we” in Gay’s essay can be seen to seem similar. Both of the “we’s” include women, first and foremost, and both “we’s” can be interpreted as black women. However, there are several differences in both essays. In Adichie’s essay, the “we” seems to include a lot more people – she repeatedly stresses that it is on both men and women to become feminists, to strive for gender equality. She seems to view the “we” as our society, and she claims that we as a society can strive for better treatment of women. Adichie does do this through a decisively Nigerian lens, as she often gives examples of how women are casually treated lesser than men in Nigeria. As a result, Adichie’s “we” can be somewhat viewed as “Nigerian…show more content…
Her essays do encompass different “we’s” – for example, in “Feel Me, Hear Me, Touch Me, Reach Me,” the “we” feels like it includes African-American college students, of which she was a part of (somewhat), and in “I Was Once Miss America,” the “we” seems to include herself, which in turn represents black women, and in “How to be Friends with Women,” the “we” seems to include all women (though the we could be extended to men as…show more content…
The pros of using “feminism” is that it gets to the heart of the issue, that while feminism does promote gender equality, one of the main points of feminism is to draw attention to the fact that women are by and large the most discriminated-against gender and that the cause is to help women not be discriminated against. Labels like “feminism” are generally good due to the fact that they allow direct indication of the issue, and it also lets people readily identify with something. On the flip side of that, though, labels like “feminism” can easily be turned into insults, which can then distract from the overall movement with which the label is associated. Both Adichie and Gay point out how they both encountered people who believed that “feminism” was an insult. Another example of this would be the fact that “liberal” and “conservative” have been turned into insults by some, as discussed earlier in the
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