Ways Of Selecting Romantic Par

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Ways of selecting romantic partners

There has always been a belief that men and women differ in their ways of selecting romantic partners in terms of characteristics in their mates. For example, men have always been perceived to place more importance in size of breasts in women. Likewise, women have been perceived to place more importance on height of the men they are interested in and their build. This study is to find out whether these social stigmas are true in a typical large college campus dealing with subjects that are around the age of 18~19 years.
Surveys were used to have the subjects rate the importance of characteristics of men and women that are typically looked at when either sex are looking for romantic partners.
The research in question is, ';Gender Differences in
Selecting Romantic Partners.';
There were previous researches and surveys done on this subject. There are five such studies that best relate to the research topic. The first appeared in Sex Roles. The article was titled 'Sex Differences in Factors of Romantic
Attraction.'; The second appeared in
Psychological Reports and was titled, 'Men's Preferences in
Romantic Partners: Obesity vs. Addiction.'; The third appeared in College Student
Journal and was titled, 'College
Students' Homogamous Preferences for a Date and Mate.'; The fourth appeared in Sex
Roles titled, 'Pursuit of Nontraditional Occupations: Fear of Success or Fear of Not
Being Chosen?'; The last article appeared in Psychological
Bulletin titled, 'Gender
Differences in Mate Selection Preferences: A Test of the
Parental Investment Model.';
The first article, 'Sex Differences in Factors of
Romantic Attraction'; was written by Jeffrey S. Nevid. His studies method included an anonymous survey in a college classroom consisting of only heterosexual males and females around the age of 19 to 22 years. The author wanted to see if the popular belief of males placing such physical aspects such as breast size and buttocks size influenced their choice of romantic and sexual partners. He also included females in his studies. In his survey, many physical attributes were presented and the numbers showed that when choosing sexual partners, both men choosing romantic partners, personal characteristics were given more importance than physical. The second article, 'Men's Preferences in Romantic
Partners: Obesity vs.
Addiction'; was written by Sarah Sitton and Sharon
Blanghard. The studies conducted by the two women were done using classified ads. The study was done to compare how
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