Water: The Beginning of Life

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Water is the beginning of life, our bodies are made up of 70% of water and human need it to survive. Not just only human who need it but other living things such as animals and plants they also do. Many people from around the world have not access to safe and clean water and it was because population are increasing and human were polluting the water sources, all deadly chemical were releasing from industries.

The chemical from industrial waste can be harmful to living things. It may include heavy metal such as mercury which cause tremors, psychotic reactions, suicidal tendencies and lead, a poisonous metal which can damage brain, blood and also disrupted nervous system communications. These chemicals were found in water but with a little amount is not cause any significant harm. It may have long-term effects, toxic chemicals can cause brain damage, birth defects and prenatal deaths. For example in China, nowadays the cancer rate was increasing rapidly so they are known as the cancer village. Some industries that located near river source and releasing their waste they don't use filter.These industries should invested equipment that clean the chemicals. When industries come the rate of cancer was higher, the people who have the disease also pass to their child.

In rural areas, people are not well educated they're lack of knowledge so they don't know the impact of dumping their waster into rivers. People throw their trashes, use river as sewer and garbage dumps. Our earth's fresh water is not high number and people polluted it makes fresh water lesser and lesser. Farming may be one way of to get their income but farming with wrong way may cause problems. Farmer spray their crops with pesticide and fertilizer which are washed into rivers and lakes. It's not just harmful to human but also to marine life. The animals that lived in river may get ill and died. They makes clean water that can be useful into dirty water. In developed communities, the water that we use to cook, wash clothes, bath and other daily uses all of this sewage was treated, they were cleaned and dumped into sea. But In some un-developed countries , the sewage is not treated but dumped in to sea or water bodies. This is very dangerous because they contaminate the environment and it may bring a lot of deadly disease to us.