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I strongly believe that Torontonians should not be allowed to salt the roads and sidewalks in the winter months due to the detrimental impacts that effects the economy, the environment, and our health. Road salt leaves its footprints in our soil, our plants and trees, our wildlife and aquatic animals, our structures and vehicles, and most importantly, the water we drink every day. The question I ask of you today is how effective is salt? A study by Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin found that roads salted actually reduced crashes by 88%, injuries by 85% and accidents costs by 85%. Salt has many advantages such as increasing road safety, however, its effectiveness depends on temperature. Salt depends on temperature because salt particles cannot get into the structure of the solid water to start the dissolving process. “At warm temperatures, a little salt melts a lot of ice. Similarly, at low temperatures, a lot of salt only melts a little ice.” Commented Kathleen Schaefer of the Minnesota Department of Transportation at the University of Minnesota. Torontonians should not allowed to be salt their roads considering the effectiveness of salt and the damages it does.
There are several advantages of road salt, the most prominent being that it’s arguably cheap. Considering the most common cost for a bag of salt is around $60, this statement is true. However, have you ever wondered how much road salt costs if you consider the cost of the damage it does to our environments and structures? If each ton of salt costs an estimated 900 dollars in damages to our urban and rural infrastructures, and more than 5 million tonnes of road salts are used in Canada each year, how much does our road salt actually cost? Some may debate that r...

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...ic mineral that is complete safe to touch or accident ingest by children, pets and wildlife. It contains no salt, chlorides, chemicals or dyes, so it will not damage our soil, water, plants and vehicles.
In conclusion, Torontonians should not allowed to be salt their roads considering the detrimental environmental and economic damages of salt and the effectiveness of its alternatives.

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