Water Privatization Essay

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Governments’ power decaying in the water administration by global water lords. Corporations, water companies, and elite organizations are controlling countries financing them with loans to develop sustainable infrastructure in becoming stable economically and improve their infrastructure in various aspects such as education, social service, and healthcare etc. Water companies are overcoming these countries with the help of the organizations such as the IMF, WTO, and World Bank. For instance, if a country wants loans, the WTO makes a requirement to the loaners to privatize their public water system and let the corporations offer their water services to the citizens. In the book “Blue Gold” by Maude Barlow &Tony Clark illustrates the mission…show more content…
For the reason that citizens are not available to pay the high rates that those water corporations are billing the citizens with high rates that some people cannot afford to pay for their water service, such is the case of Detroit managed by emergency manager Kevyn Orr to streamline Detroit’s water operations. At the beginning, the corporations tell the state, they will not increase the water rates but after several months, Orr saw the shut off of water service for nearly 20,000 households for failure to pay. In the other hand is that corporations do not care about the poor people that they cannot even afford the food nevertheless cannot afford to pay for water service such as the true really in some African countries. For example, a 45-year old mechanism Oscar Olivera says, “families with monthly incomes of around $100 have seen their water bills jump to $20 per month more than they spend on food. I’d like to invite Mr. Wolfensohn to come to Cochabamba and see the reality he apparently can’t see from his office in Washington, DC.” and he also states, “I’d like to meet Mr. Wolfensohn to educate him on how privatization has been a direct attack on Bolivia’s poor people.”(155) Besides water is our right to get for free not to pay to those evil corporations that during the servicing progress not only destroy the environment but make the poor people be poorest and fight for their lives because of…show more content…
We do not have any more fresh water in certain areas but in near future will be gone if we keep using the water the way we do. Most of the time we don’t appreciate water just see, in yourself when you are in the bathroom. How much water do you waste in just one day? Is the question I ask every time I go to the bathroom. And then I ask myself if I waste 20 gallons of water a day, how much do I waste in one year the answer is 7300 gallons of water that I used, just me without counting the world’s population water usage, if I count it, well I had do simple math 20 gallons of water times by 7,381,940,300 world’s population will be 147,638,806,000 gallons of water waste in just one single year only used by human beings in our daily needs. Without counting the other ways, we waste water, for example, cooking, drinking, and washing the dishes etc.. As well not counting even the industry, agricultural, and electrical power used and contaminated by the human begins. For instance, the authors of the blue gold acknowledges, “The biggest threat to fresh water is pollution from thousands and thousands of factories, industrial farms, and cities that pour or leak pesticides fertilizers, and herbicides(including nitrates and phosphates), bacteria, medical waste, chemicals, and radioactive wastes in our water.”(28) Given about information the scariest thing on

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