Water Polution: Causes And Consequences Of Water Pollution

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The reason behind the main concern about water is water pollution a current issue that has serious consequence in the environment. Pollution itself is when a substance is introduced to bodies of water that result to changes in water that occur due to natural reasons or as a consequence of one or more activities of human. Changes in quality becomes water unsuitable for consumption. Pollutants are the cause of major water quality degradation and one of the biggest consumption of water is the domestic waste.
Domestic waste water or sewage water is a type of waste water produced or generated by the people in a community. This water is characterized by physical, chemical and biological condition. In many developing countries a huge amount of domestic
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Water is an example of common property shared by many people. Each of these people has his or her own interest in mind typically on how to consume this quickly and easily as possible. But when everyone decides that water is the best way to meet the needs of everyday living, water pollutants from domestic areas tend to alter the water quality and the organism living on it.
Policies, Legal and Water Quality Defining water quality depends on its intended use. A particular body of water might be clean enough for irrigation and yet too polluted for drinking water to address the situation there are laws that aims to protect the countries water bodies of pollution. Water quality laws oversee the arrival of waste into water assets, including surface water, ground water, and drinking water and control of surface spillover from development destinations and urban situations.
Effects of Over
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But many don’t have the access of safe water for drinking even if one area is surrounded with water but present in water scarcity. This is the effect of human with lack of knowledge on how to help the environment in little way and ignore what is happening especially in deteriorating the water quality. Everyone can survive several days without food but not with water. Millions of people worldwide do not have access to this most basic need, and are dying of thirst and water borne diseases. Freshwater sources around the world are threatened by water pollution. Not only we are managing our resources poorly through wastage, we are also thoughtlessly dirtying
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