Water Pollution Kills Sea Life

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Dumpster diving is going to be like swimming in a lake in 2025. Water pollution is a major problem in today’s society. According to health and environment linkages Initiative if we continue polluting our water like we do today two out of three people on the globe may be living in water stressed conditions. Over years and years, water pollution has been an issued and there has been examples in today’s society that show it is an occurring problem. It may not seem like it but water pollution affects everywhere and everyone around it but there are simple solutions we can do to solve the challenge.

Every day Water Pollution is an ongoing problem because it kills sea life, causes water contamination and, destroys ecosystem. There are many factors that cause aquatic animals to die but three main factors are oil spills, dead zones and trash in the ocean. Just one oil spill can cause up to 500 deaths of animals. All sea creatures are affected by oil spills. For example, if an oil spill just happened and it killed all the small organisms it that area, when the organisms die it will affect the whole food. Fish that eat the small organisms will die because there are no small organisms left and this will continue throughout the whole food chain. Oil spills form a thick layer of oil on the surface of the water, which can block the sun, and the plants will not be able to photosynthesize. Lot’s of aquatic animals die because of dead zones. Dead zones are when sewage discharge and fertilizers runoff this causes lack of oxygen in the water. When fertilizers gets into the water it promotes the growth of algae, this process is called eutrophication. Sometimes the algae clogs up the gills of fish and when people consume the fish they can become sick ...

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...ems where it is treated before being discharged. Another thing you can do is recycle motor oil. According to New York Times, the environment protection agency has proposed a cleanup plan from Belleville to Newark, which is in the Passaic River. The cleanup project is going to be 8 miles long and there are planning to do a fish exchange. A fish exchange is where they are going to take out the contaminated fish and replace it with clean fish. This project is more global but still it is cleaning up polluted water.

Water pollution is an ongoing problem that has been happening for years. There have been examples it today world that show how damaging water pollution can be. Everyone should want to help solve this issue because it affects you and the future. In today’s society water pollution is a major problem. So what you’re next step in solving water pollution.