Water Pollution Essay

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Humans are constantly making improvements to their lives, always looking for something to be made better or easier. These improvements are usually beneficial for the human race, but what about the environment? Unfortunately some of these improvements have left lasting damage on the environment. Though these improvements are made to better the lives of people, they may also be damaging them. Pollution comes with many of the improvements made. There are multitudes of different types of pollution; water pollution, air pollution, and light pollution. Without a healthy environment, the human race cannot thrive. Are these improvements to our lives worth the damage done? Water pollution is a familiar problem. This is the pollution of water involving chemicals and toxins. It can affect any amount of water, and this water can be used for a variety of different ways. Not only is it dire to protect drinking water, it is also needed to maintain the habitats of other organisms in the ecosystem. Water is a necessity and cannot be abused in such a manner that leads to pollution. Water pollution is caused by a wide variety of ways, many stemming from human innovation. Hydrofracking is a major concern; it is a widely debated and heated topic; it is removing oil and gas from the ground. Dense shale must be drilled through to gain this oil. Along with drilling, explosions and toxic chemicals may be used. There are millions of gallons of water pumped into the crevices created by these methods to further help. This water becomes polluted by the oil and can seep into the groundwater. This may lead to the pollution of an entire town’s drinking water. The gas wells used may also explode from the pressure, which also would pollute the groundwater (Homme... ... middle of paper ... ...on is a helpful element but, emphasis should be on prevention, rather than just treating the problem. In order to prevent pollution, people must be educated in how it is caused and treated. There are education programs currently in place in colleges in the United States. There have been classes before for students whose major involves protection of the environment. Unfortunately that doesn’t help the vast majority. These new classes are open to every student in hopes that it will make it will have a bigger impact. There has also been an emphasis on training workings in environment harming workplaces of how to prevent any more harm. But, it is more beneficial to start training a younger person for these provention types than it is an older employee (Boon). This way a new generation of prevention can be formed, paving the way to a healthier environment in the future.

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