Water Force

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Write-up on Water Forces Day 1.) There seemed to be quite a difference in the flow patterns between land with a small amount of slope and land with a steep slope. It seemed that when we would run the water down a small amount of slope the water would barely run anywhere and would almost just puddle up and not do much. However, with a steeper slope the water would run a lot more quickly and would form a stream down the sand into the runoff container. It would form accurately and you could definitely tell that it was done with a steeper slope. 2.) When the flow of water comes upon a rock the water would flow depending on the size of the rock. With a smaller rock it the water would run over it and move it slightly down stream to a different location. With a larger rock the water would go around it changing the direction of the stream and would move some of the sand around it and downstream with the water changing the look of the bed of the stream. With any particle in a stream bed the water is going to either run over it, move it down stream or the water will make its path around the object and continue where it was headed to. 3.) After closely looking at the particles of sand in the run-off and the particles left in the stream bed I have to say that I did not see any difference in the two separate particles. The only small difference that I noticed was that the run-off was runnier and had more debris than the stream bed had. There was no difference in size or structure; just the texture was slightly different. 4.) In both trials of watching the water flow down the sand and watching the dynamics and movement come into form was very interesting. Each time we poured the water it did something different. The water made its own path and curves and dug itself into the land below it. The water flowed very smoothly and seemed so peaceful when it was just flowing down the sand. It had its own mind and you wanted to see where it would go and what it would do next. 5.) We decided that we were going to load our stream up with fibers, leaves and all sorts of rocks, it came out looking like a stream after a really bad storm.

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