Water Crisis: California's Drought

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On March 27, 2014, Wade Graham of the San Francisco Chronicle reported “The Water Revolution California needs.” California is having a severe drought. Wade Graham tells his readers that California is in a serious water crisis. The state of California needs to make strict changes to how water is being distributed amongst farmers and residents. Before all of California’s ecological system is destroyed. Wade Graham believes that water should be priced higher; that way people aren’t wasting water. Water is a limited resource that should never be wasted, and is probably California’s most valuable resource. Unfortunately, many people waste water; instead of conserve water especially when we live in the state of California where we are subject to having many droughts. Wade Graham tells his readers how farmers receive subsidies for water; yet, farmers don’t update their ways of how they water their crops. By farmers not using efficient ways to water their crops they are wasting tons of our natural resource water.

The cost of wasting water is hurting our ecological system; by drying up all of California’s lakes and rivers; not to mention it also affects animals. Wade Graham believes the state of California should follow Australia’s example in how to conserve water; due to the fact they have similar climates. Australia distributes their water for the public needs; they have taken away all the water subsidies. The Australian government bought all water rights to improve the efficiency of water; Australian converted water rights to what they call “shares” so that water could be used only when needed. Even though Australia had cut backs even in their worst drought the country still function properly. The underlying reason for these develo...

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...eir water subsidies and tax breaks should be taken away, until they are willing to comply to the new water efficiency laws. I believe drip irrigation, xeriscaping, water recycling, and conserving to be great ways to help keep California beautiful, thriving, and keep us out of future mega droughts. Desalinization is another interesting alternative that I believe is only for extreme measures when we run out of all other resourceful options. If Californian’s don’t do something fast we could ruin the beautiful state of California. California is also one of the nation’s most productive states with fruits, nuts, vegetables, and dairies; without California our nation’s food will be greatly reduced, and food costs will rise throughout the country. All living things can’t survive without water; that’s why it’s important to conserve our most precious natural resource water.
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