Watch Without Reason: Reason To Watch Without Reason?

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Reason to watch without reason Most films have an intriguing story that people want to invest time and thought into. Often films hold a moral that leaves the audience with a broader understanding the world. Films also commonly build up questions and conclude with reason to answer those questions by the end. These qualities give a reason for people to see a given film. So what good is a film that lacks these qualities? Is it just a waste of time? Or, just maybe there is a reason. Rubber is the absurd tale of a bloodthirsty car tire, named Robert, armed with telekinetic powers. With these powers, Robert begins wreaking havoc upon the California desert. Numerous deaths result in an all out tirehunt, headed by Lt. Chad, played by Stephen Spinella. The film begins with Lt.Chad talking to the camera, breaking the fourth wall (imaginary wall separating the performer from the audience, broken if the audience is…show more content…
It was one of those movies you know exist and that it is there for you when you run out of “better” entertainment. I knew it was one of those off the track indie films that only appealed to those crazy enough, and that 's just how I approached it. I didn’t have the highest of hopes going into it and part of me did not think I would make it through. After only a few minutes my head was spinning and that was great. It was much different than the mainstream dramas and action I was used to. I had entered the “no reason”, as said by Lt.Chad. I was free to take everything at face value, no need for reason, or I could ponder why. Watching Rubber a second time, recently, I had a much more open feeling going into it. I have also grown as an audience member. I now notice that there are hidden meanings under the surface, but I cannot say I understand many of them. That said, I did not need to read into anything, the story gives enough meat as to keep me
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