Washington Irwing's Short Story: Washington Irving

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Washington Irving Washington Irving is an important american writer who uses politics within his text without promoting a certain political stand. Unlike Hawthorne, Irwing's setting is in Dutch villages of which the outside world does not have impact on. In his short stories Irving emphasises the authenticity of the place. As for the characters, both Irwing and Hawthorne care more about the characters which are being created rather than the action in the short stories written by Irving. Dame Van Winkle's role in the story Dame Van Winkle is Rip's wife, the protagonist in one of the important Irwing's short story. In this short story named „ Rip Van Wikle“ it is easy to notice the large role she plays in Rip Van Wikle's character development.…show more content…
She is the only child of a wealthy farmer. Katrina is very well known not only for her riches but also for her beauty. Katrina is eighteen and one of Ichabod Crane’s singing students. Due to her beauty she is depicted as the object of affection for the protagonist, Ichobod Craine. Story does not reveal a lot about her only that she is rich and beautiful. Her clothes could be considered as some kind of helpful tool which she used to impress guys and drive attention to herself. Consequently, this made guys become interested in her. Furthermore, she adores to flirt with guys and she always dresses in the way to show off. On the one hand, we could consider her as a woman to which Irving gives the elements of a young, beautiful fashionist woman while, on the other hand, she has the elements of a woman who actually is being in charge and making moves. From the story it is seen that her father does what she want, her mother considers her as a grown-up woman who can take care of herself and she uses Ichabod to make other guys jealous. Here we can see how Irwing gives a lot more credit to a woman and gives her important role even though she does not take any significant part in the story besides rejecting…show more content…
Hester wears the scarlet letter „ A“ on her gown at all time which represents the symbol of adultory. It is the most important symbol in the novel which Hester Prynne needs to wear as an symbol of her shame. As the plot unfolds, it becomes a powerful symbol of Hester's identity and it changes it's meaning. Later in the novel, it takes on a new meaning "able" for all the good, charitable work Hester has done. The scarlet letter defines her as an outcast from puritan society and lets her sin be known to all, just by taking a glimpse on Hester. At the end of the novel she is being forgiven and accepted into
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