Washington And Hamilton Essay

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During the late 1700s there was a lot of different viewpoints on how the government should be run today. The leaders of the divide were George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, which later on we will learn each one of their views. In today’s political world we would divide Washington and Hamilton views into political parties, which in the late 1700s they were called Federalists and Republicans. However, later on we see a group trying to create a democracy, which then it was called Jacksonian populism and power. George Washington was the first president of the United States. As we know this was the first time the United States was governing themselves without another country control, so with Washington being the first president not only did…show more content…
Many people often refereed to Hamilton as de facto president, which is essentially saying that he is really the president and calling shots. So what did Washington and Hamilton do and establish for us as a country? Washington set standards about the presidency should be run. For example, Washington was a very formal, he believed his title and the future presidents to become should be no notable than “Mr. President.” He did find it necessary for the presidents to be called “your majesty,” or “your highness.” Hamilton on the other hand made plans such as the Hamilton plan. Hamilton created a plan so the United States would be on track financially. Hamilton introduce to the idea of debt. He believed we Should pay debt to establish credit and be in a good position to borrow in the future. Hamilton…show more content…
Well, when it comes to politics it leads to divides such as the Federalists and the Republics. We see the first political divide race in the election of 1796 between the Federalist candidate, John Adams, and the Republican candidate, Thomas Jefferson. People like Adams, Washington, and Hamilton believed in broad construction. Broad constructionists believed that the Constitution is a broad framework with many blanks to be filled in along the way. In other words, they thought it was fine to “read between the lines” of the Constitution. While on the other hand people like Jefferson and Madison believed that there is “no read between the lines” the Constitution says what it says and we must follow it by those rules. Federalists also believed in strong/active federal government, faith in government order, pro-tax, and industrial/commercial economy. Conversely, the republicans wanted a weak/inactive federal government, they were fearful of the government, anti-tax, and agrarian economy. Federalists believed the future of our country was in commerce, business, trade, and industry. They thought a strong government was needed for the stability of international commerce. On the other hand, Republicans had a vision for the country that was based on agricultural production. They saw this happening in the rural Southern farmland. Republicans was believed in strict obedience of the Constitution because they thought it
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