Was the bomb justified?

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Regardless of the different estimations of high and low American casualties, the majority of the estimations echoed towards the high end. Even if some of the estimations were off, it was still an alarming risk for American soldiers, and the President understood that. The President also understood the Japanese soldiers would not go down without a brutal fight if the Americans decided to invade. In spite of the capacity for Japanese soldiers to protect their homeland, and the amount of American lives it would take for the Japanese to surrender, the President still left this as a viable option. It was an option, rather, that would leave the lives of American soldiers out on the battlefield. American casualties and the prolongation of the war were two things that President Truman was trying to avoid, which is why this option, was conclusively put to rest.
Another option brought about by the Truman administration was to hold a demonstration showing the power of the atomic bomb. It had been proposed to possibly set up an isolated part of land, where the Japanese were able to bear witness, so the US military could drop one of their two atomic bombs. “If representatives of the Japanese government, military, and scientific community could have seen the bomb, it might have been enough to convince them of the foolishness of continued resistance. “ The US government thought this method would be an applicable option in order to force the Japanese to surrender. If the Japanese Emperor could have witnessed the capability of the bomb that might have been enough to sway Japan into giving up instead of suffering the effects of a nuclear weapon. In reality, dropping the bomb for a simple demonstration had brought about some concern. ...

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...could save American life and end the war as quickly as possible. All of Truman’s reasons for dropping the bomb in the time of war to save the lives of Americans were justifiable, although maybe not possibly morally justified, because the effects of the bomb were not yet known.
The use of the atomic bomb, chosen above all over alternatives, led to the direct unconditional surrender of Japan. It could be disputed however, that the Soviet Union invasion of Manchuria had a small piece in pushing Japan to surrendering. Either way, the United States was able to force Japan to surrender without costing the lives of American soldiers, nor prolonging the war. Without the use of the atomic bomb, hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese lives could have been lost. Instead, Truman made a justifiable decision when he chose to drop two atomic bombs on Japan.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how president truman left the option of leaving american soldiers out on the battlefield to avoid american casualties and the prolongation of the war.
  • Explains that the truman administration proposed a demonstration showing the power of the atomic bomb.
  • Opines that even if the bombing demonstration prevailed, there was no guarantee that simple presentation of arms would scare the japanese into surrendering.
  • Opines that if the japanese knew where the atomic test was being performed, they might have time to ship all of the american pows to this so called location.
  • Explains that the united states wiretapped conversations between the japanese ambassador and the japan foreign minister.
  • Opines that it is a matter of utmost urgency that we should not only prevent russia from entering the war but also induce her to adopt favorable attitudes toward japan.
  • Analyzes how the ambassador wrote that there was not a lot of reason to hope. the ambassador previously heard about the soviet troop and supply movements heading towards japan.
  • Opines that if russia suddenly decided to take advantage of our weakness and intervene against us with force of arms, we would be in a completely hopeless situation.
  • Opines that japan feared the soviet union, dropping atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki might not have been the only option.
  • Opines that conventional bombing and blockading of japan would prolong the war beyond what president truman believed to be acceptable.
  • Explains that president truman authorized the use of the atomic bomb on japan to unleash 'little boy.'
  • Argues that the use of the atomic bomb led to the unconditional surrender of japan. the soviet union invasion of manchuria had a small piece in pushing japan to surrender.
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