Was the United States Responsible?

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Was the United States Responsible? It has long been said that the United States was responsible for bringing down Salvador Allende's government in Chile but this paper will argue that the Allende government was brought down by its own doing. It is true that Salvador Allende was elected in 1970 by means of a democratic election, although only with 36.6% of the vote. Nevertheless, it is equally true that his government lost its democratic character by having repeatedly violated the Constitution. In effect, President Allende became a tyrant when he broke his solemn oath to respect the Constitution and the Chilean laws. This was not just obvious to the great majority of Chileans in their daily lives, but was also established by almost two thirds of the House of Deputies (the Lower House of the Chilean Congress) in its momentous Agreement of 23 August 1973 (there was also a statement to the same effect from the Supreme Court). In this Agreement, is presented a list of the legal and constitutional violations of President Allende's government and it decided to "make re...

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