Was the Civil War Neccesary?

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The Civil War, the bloodiest war in American history is one that raises the question was it really necessary? Could we have avoided it? Yes it was a necessary and an inevitable part of American history because the topic of slavery was too controversially, and both sides were too dedicated to their causes to give up without a fight. Also, So many altercations, heated arguments, and blood shed had already taken place in the North versus South conflict, a full on war was bound to happen. Finally, the South was ready to succeed, and once it did there was no stopping a war. Some people might argue that it could have been solved by political means; however the conflicts ran much deeper. Slavery, as John Calhoun called it the “Peculiar institution”, was a hot button issue in this time period. Why was it so peculiar? It was much more than bondage and a workforce; it was a way of life. The South had generations of slaves; in some places the black population outnumbered the white. This means the slaves developed into a part of Southern life. A typical Southern “Belle” in the 1840s would wake up, get dressed (by a slave), eat breakfast (made by a slave), and partake in activities such as horseback riding, (with a slave to attend the horse). The South was not about to let the North take away slavery, their way of life, and wasn’t going to compromise any more than it had already. The North on the other hand was not going to let slavery spread into the “Land of the free”. For the same reason, but opposite positions, the North had abolished slavery generations ago and part of the Northern life was free blacks. This made coming to a political compromise impossible. Secondly, tinder had already been added to the fire that was the civil war. ... ... middle of paper ... ...ferent ideals and ideas on what belongs to one side or the other without having a war. This was the match lit the fuse of the Civil War, which had been growing shorter and shorter for decades, was lit. In conclusion, although it may have been done at one point, the Civil war was inevitable. Slavery itself was just a too controversial topic, and it was what most of the war was based on. The North hated the South and vice versa too greatly for there to not be a conflict of some sort. Many things up to the Civil War had already heated up aggression and stimulated conflict, and lastly the South had already threatened to succeed, and once it did there was bound to be conflict. I believe that the Civil War was a terrible war and it would have been nice to avoid it, but it could not have been avoided, and history shows us it was not. Works Cited The AMerican pageant

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