Was it Smart for the United States to enter the 38th Parallel?

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Historians, readers, teachers and students are all too aware of a little war regarded as the “forgotten war,” because it is not glorified unlike: World War I, II, and Vietnam. It is important to expose the steps that took the United States into Korea. Was the decision to enter into Korea strategically planned and if so by whom? Were there other intentions other than communist containment and imperialism? The problem with the Korean War is that it is a debatable war and one can go back and forth regarding its entrance into the 38th parallel. Should have the United States entered the 38th Parallel or should it have allowed South Korea to deal with the growing communist North Korea, Chinese intervention and Japanese influence and interference.

Several primary sources that will be investigated throughout the research so that there is concrete validity to the argument presented. The geography, culture, religion and customs of Korea will all be introduced so that both the reader and the researcher are familiar with the country and why it became a focal point for countries such as Japan, China, Soviet Union and the United States. It is also important to note that special attention will be given to the foreign policies and decisions the mentioned countries made during the Cold War that lead to tension and then war. The Korean War is an important war to research because leaders should learn from past political decisions that may or may not have negatively impact their country’s political, social and economic future. Throughout the research there will be numerous, biographies, primary and secondary sources such as: declassified files, maps, graphs, charts, and recording to gain a better understanding of the actions taken by the United...

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...esearch will be necessary to support and strengthen the argument proposed. Historical points of views will also be evaluated and introduced because people who have first hand have great points of view and are critical to research. For Example, Historian Bruce Cummings perceptive of United States involvement was to rid Korea of Japanese involvement . Also the perspective of David Steinberg who believes the war was a mixture of involved countries leading to no other choice but war.

In conclusion, several methods will be used in order to allow the reader to answer the proposed argument. The use of various primary sources and secondary sources will be important in making the argument a valid and understandable one as well. The reader will most definitely be intrigued by the extensive coverage that will be found and may not be aware of regarding the “unforgotten war.”
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