Was The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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When World war 1 finally came to an end on November 11 1918, politicians had to work out a lasting peace so that no war like that would ever happen again. The treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty that was made by the main representatives of nations - Big 4(America, Italy, France, Great Britain) and was put into place after the ending of World War 1 to ensure peace throughout the nations or the world. Although the peace treaty was initially intended to establish long lasting peace, it was extremely unfair for Germany as it was strip of its war-making power, punished by losing territory, extreme military restrictions and placed sole responsibility for the war. Most of the defects of the treaty of Versailles can be blamed on the one-sided intentions and prejudice views by the decision makers, The Allied countries. This made the treaty unfair from the beginning, as it meant the big three could negotiate the conditions of the treaty to increase their personal benefit. For France, This was mainly because of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71. French Prime minister Georges Clemenceau felt that France had been humiliated and was burning to restore its reputation and crucially gain back the rich industrial land of Alsace and Lorraine which Germany had won of her. Although Britain had not been attacked directly like France was, the earlier arms race of military sources before the war started between these two nations had led to the consideration of struggle for colonial domination for Britain. In addition, the British prime minister David Lloyd George was also concerned with the preservation of the British Empire and the risk of future German invasion. As a result, together with France, they forced Germany in the Treaty of Versai... ... middle of paper ..., left a legacy of bitterness and hatred in the hearts of the German citizens. Overall, despite the fact that world war one was a devastation to the entire Europe, which though Germany was wrongfully held accounted for in the Treaty of Versailles. That wasn’t really a treaty at all and in another words, Germany’s so-called punishment for having the biggest contributions for the war. The treaty had overly weakened Germany and gave the victory countries more economic benefits and power mainly on the west. Instead of having Germany to be blamed for sole responsibility of the war by stripping away almost everything from Germany so that it is impossible for them to ever rise again, the allies should have put into thought of maintaining a good diplomatic relationship with them and accept the fact that each country had at least some contributions and fault to the war.