Was The Revolutionary War Inevitable

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Due to all of the events that occurred and the brittle relationship between Britain and the colonies, the war was inevitable. There were multiple factors as to why the colonies disfavored the rule of Britain and why the idea of separation was emerging. The most significant reason of inevitable separation was the distance between England and the colonies as well as the salutary neglect done by the British. The distance between the British meant that the Americans would have to take responsibility for themselves. This would eventually lead up to the need for independence from Britain. There were also a number of chain events that led up to the war. The events that led up to Revolutionary War could be split up into three categories. The first…show more content…
All of the acts were passed by Britain to create taxes to benefit their own economy. The first two acts that were passed were the Sugar Act and the Currency Act. The Sugar Act put a tax on molasses, which had served as a source of income for the colonies. It also placed a tax on foreign goods such as coffee and wine. The Currency Act let the British take control over the colonists’ currency system and prohibited the production of new bills. These acts showed how Britain wanted to have superiority over the colonies. They presented unjust taxes which angered many of the colonists. Another act that occurred was the Stamp Act that the British Parliament passed. It placed a tax on all printed documents, deeds, and wills. Tension began to arise because the colonists were stripped of their money and were oppressed by the British. They also began to stop printing newspapers so that the British could no longer benefit from the taxes. At this time, many of the colonists were confused because they believed that they were British subjects and they were equal to the people in Britain. They did not understand why they were being unjustly taxed while the people of Britain were not. As a reaction to the Stamp Act, the Stamp Act Congress was put together by James Otis in 1765. Delegates were called together and they discussed how they could get the Stamp Act repealed. At the congress, the delegates believed that there…show more content…
They were angered by Britain and all of the unfair taxes imposed on them. During those three years, three significant revolts occurred. The Boston Massacre was the first revolt that occurred in 1770. It occurred in Boston, Massachusetts and resulted in the death of 5 patriots. This was considered the first event leading up to the American Revolution that involved violence and fatalities. It brought attention to how brutal the British could be to the patriots. The second revolt was the Burning of the Gaspee which happened in Rhode Island. John Brown lead a group of patriots to burn down a British ship which was carry taxed goods. That action showed how they were willing to defy Britain and fight for what they believed in. The last and most famous revolt, was the Boston Tea Party. The patriots had to go to extreme measures to have the British notice them. That showed how little the British actually cared about the colonists and their needs. The Boston Tea Party reflected on the refusal of the patriots to adhere to the Tea Act. It also showed that the patriots would not let Parliament control their taxes without proper representation. It was necessary part of the patriot effort for resistance. After all of the revolts that occurred, the first political reunion among the thirteen colonies was formed. It was known as the Committees of Correspondence and was set up by Samuel Adams. It encouraged

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