Was The American Revolution Radical Essay

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During the American revolution, the revolution itself was radical for the merchants and other groups of people. Radical means that there is social, economic and political change. The American revolution gave new economic significant to groups of people such as thee merchants. The revolution was radical because many merchants economic opputonity before the French and Indian War the merchant were benefiting and after they having to deal with new taxation. Also after the revolution the merchant group face a time of economic problems until the US constitution was enacted. The revolution was radical for the merchant economically and politically. The American Revolution change the North America and how it was defined. According Jeff Helgeson, “For enough people began parliament and the king were corrupt and tyramine because they were hindering with their individual properties.” Before the French and Indian war, the colonist did not have to pay any taxes. After the French and Indian wars, the British needed money…show more content…
So the government decided to place taxes in. The Stamp Act was taxes, the Stamp Act it states, “Right and Power to lay Taxes and Impositions upon the inhabitants of this Colony.” It was hard for the merchant to trade because they had to pay taxes to people. In Zinn it said that merchants helped start a protest against the stamp act, “A political group in Boston called the Loyal Nine-merchants, distillers, shipowners, and master craftsmen who opposed the Stamp Act-organized a procession in August 1765 to protest it.” This shows that they didn’t like being tax. In “We are equally Free,” in said “Two years earlier, some merchants had organized boycotts against certain products imported from Great Britain (a strategy known as nonimportation) to resist British taxation measures aimed at the rebellious Americans.” As shown by this tried to protest
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