Was Marya Hornbacher sexually abused as a child?

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Child abuse is a situation that is affecting most children in the 21st century and it is becoming one of the key things that parents should importantly know. Abuse of children may either be emotional, physical, mental or even sexual. It is important to discuss about sexual abuse as this is an effective way of dealing with it (Hornbacher, 2009). Some of the manifest symptoms of a child who has been sexually abused may include; unexplained soreness, this means that the child is suffering from injuries on the mouth or the genitals. The bruises may result from slaps and the parts of his or her body which were subjected to abuse.

Sexually transmitted illnesses are among the things or signs that may appear on the children’s body that may show clearly that a child had been abused sexually. This is mainly because children do not normally suffer from sexually transmitted diseases unless something terrible has happened to them.

Other than that, unwanted pregnancies may be another symptom that may show that a child has been sexually abused. Anybody below the age of eighteen is always considered to be a minor. If one gets pregnant below eighteen years of age, the person responsible should always be prosecuted for child abuse.

Not all children can show the manifest symptoms, some children may not be so disturbed by physical abuse, but also they may show latent symptoms that show that the children are suffering from sexual abuse, such symptoms are psychological torment. Some of these symptoms may include; nightmares and sleeping problems, changes in the eating habits, outburst of anger, uncontrollable fear of certain people or places, strong fear of being left alone with some individuals among many others (Hornbacher, 2009). A number of ...

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...d she could easily get what she wanted. The desperation that made her crave for something so strong is an experience that she describes could control and over-stimulate her whole body and mind to work on its goal.

Marya Hornbacher further tells her new story; she says that she struggled to counteract with the mood swings by substance abuse, self starvation, numbing sex and massive self mutilation. She says she was missing and wishing to live a normal life that she saw everybody around her experiencing.

In conclusion, sexual abuse leaves people with severe torments. It affects people’s lives both physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Hornbacher was also affected by this ordeal and presented symptoms of an individual who was a sexual abuse victim. By this, in her book she plays comes across as a very perfect epitome of a sexually abused bipolar victim.

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