Was I Wrong?

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Everyone at one point in time feels like they have been wronged and judged unfairly at one point in there life. Although I am in college, one expereince sticks out to me when I was about 11 years old. I was coming home from the mall with my mom, aunt and younger cousin, and my cousin was upset during the car ride because that she couldn't something she wanted from the mall. I was completely happy with my trip to the mall because my mom bought me almost everything I picked out. So she's complaining in the car, and slamming things around and I tell her to becareful and not hit me with anything. She in turn told me that "I don't care what you say, you are spoiled and get eeverything you want. But not from me." It was evident she had some resentment toward me, but I did not understand why. I knew she was upset because she didn't get what she wanted, but that wasn't because of me, that was her mom. Her anger was channeled in the wrong direction and at the wrong person. I felt personally attacked by her comment, so I replied "Don't be mad at me, you just a brat and can't handle being told no. It's life, get over it." That did not make the situation any better, because my little cousin became hot with anger. She balled her little fist up and started hitting me. We had jut pulled into my driveway, I guess the best thing would have been for me to get out the car, but I did not. I was bigger than her and knew if I hit her it would do much more damage than her little hands. So I decided to just grab her hands and stop her from hitting me. Our moms were yelling and trying to pull us out the car. My mom grabbed me and was trying to drag me out the car. I let go of my cousins hands and she started swinging again, so I started kicking until my ... ... middle of paper ... ...d not even know it. At that point I was done talking and being around all of them. So I walk out the room and start heading up the stairs, and see my cousin smirking at me. My first thought was to go down and hit her this time for real. But I just kept walking up the stairs. I was treated unfairly and unjustly because I was blamed for a fight that I did not start or contribute to. I attempted to defend myself by grabbing her hands instead of hitting her, and I was told I need anger management. On top of that I was given punishment for something I did not do. I felt completely wronged because nobody asked for my side of the story, and only looked at my cousin's point of view because she was crying and I was not. But if needed be I should have stirred up some tears and maybe I would have received sympthamy. I did nothing wrong and was treated unjustly. Was I wrong?
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