Was Andrew Jackson's Way of Handling the Problem with Natives Moral?

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When a person thinks of the name Andrew Jackson, eventually one would come to think of the seventh president. His presidency was shaped by many different controversies, such as the Bank War and the nullification crisis. Among those was the controversy of Indian Removal. At the time, much of America was expanding westward, due to the uprising manifest destiny. Dr. Gayle Olson-Raymer says that "it was clear that the hundreds of sovereign Indian nations living on the North American continent were not going to willingly or voluntarily give up their land." As the expansion happened, the more Native Americans were pushed out of their tribal lands.
The thought of attempting to assimilate the Native Americans seemed as if a last resort for many. As an article by Dr. Olsen-Raymer states, the Proclamation Line of 1763, the land was given to them, and it was the only land that the USA could not claim. But after the French-Indian War, Americans thought it was justifiable to take because the Natives lost their land just as the French had lost theirs. Pushing Natives away instead of assimilating seemed to be a much easier choice, and cheaper.
Andrew Jackson was among those who thought assimilating the Native Americans was not effective. Though he had many good individual Native friends, he treated the Natives much too harshly. According to his "On Indian Removal" speech, he thought of the Natives as uncivilized and as savages. Jackson disregarded the Natives, and he did little to actually solve the problem with the clashing cultures. But the problem being solved is not the topic at hand, it is the mere judgement of the integrity of the situation. Andrew Jackson's way of handling the growing problem of Native Americans in the way of citizens ...

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...ted with his actions and words that he had no good intentions for the Natives, thus showing that he was completely immoral when handling the Removal problem.

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