Wars And Rumors Of Wars

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Wars and Rumors of Wars Is it possible for a person to study and follow terrorism well enough to predict what is to come in the Middle East, or is this person sent by God to prophecy of what is to come? The books, The Las Jihad, The Last Days, and Ezekiel’s Options have been called, by some, prophetic books; this is because of the author’s bizarre writings. The circumstances the author would write over in these “fictional books” would often come very close to being true events. How can this information be used to better the world? Although Joel C. Rosenburg’s books are fictional what can the United States government take and learn from his writings? “Roger that, Foxtrot. You’re cleared for landing. Bring her Down. Special Agent Mckittrick didn’t want to be there any more than these guys wanted him to be (p. 16 The Last Jihad).” The story of The Last Jihad begins with a terrorist attack in Denver, Colorado where the President is visiting for Thanksgiving. During this visit hijackers on board of a near by plane plan to run the plane into the motorcade and kill the president. Just before this plane is brought down the plane is hit by a stinger. This unexpected collision ruins the highjacker’s plans and the plane misses the motorcade and the president.
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