Warriors Don´t Cry by Melba Patillo Beals

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Martin Luther King once said, "we must live together as brothers or perish as fools." This statement illuminates the importance of the features of concern, compassion, and knowledge. The color of a person’s skin tone would result in harsh and unfair treatment. Even though they would be alienated by their peers and others, many African Americans chose to stand up for their rights. These truths were revealed when the famous little rock nine took their courageous stand regardless of their odds. In the novel, Warriors don't Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals and a Roundtable discussion facilitated by NBC news, the disturbing truths behind the struggles of integration are brought to life. First ,during the time of integration white students showed a total lack of concern as proven in " A roundtable discussion" facilitated by nbc news. For example, when Sammy Parker, a white student at central high school, is asked if she ever tried to make an effort to find out what African Americans were like she replied ", not until today". (A roundtable discussion...) This shows the total lack of concern towards African Americans and their plights during this time period. Being a concerned individual requires the characteristics of attention, consideration, and thoughtfulness. Having concern for one another can make a great difference in the world. This lack of concern is further proven in Melba Pattillo Beals personal story Warriors Don't cry. When Melba Patillo makes a quick trip to the restroom she is fired at with comments like "there ain't no sign marked color" and "go home" by white students. (Melba Beals 98.) The immature actions of these white students show a complete lack of concern. Even though all Melba wanted to do was simply us the restro... ... middle of paper ... ...igh school, makes the statement that The African American students wanted to rule over. This is another illogical statement. It never crossed the African American students minds to rule over. Imagine the horrendous position the African Americans would be put in if they ever tried to rule over. The segregationist would be uncontrollable. These illogical comments from the white students show they had no comprehension on the African Americans objectives. These examples of the absence of knowledge show ingnorance. Without the qualities of concern, compassion, and knowledge as demonstrated by the white students at this time, many situations only became worse. Today many people in the world still lack these characteristics. We must try our best to love one another. The future of the world lies in our hands. So from now on challenge yourself with these three qualities.

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