Warming Planet

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There has been a tremendous amount of severe weather and climate changes. All of of this is mostly caused by global warming. What is global warming? Global warming is caused by a number of things. Pollution of the greenhouse gases is one of the biggest factors that cause it. These greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane from landfills , fossil fuels, nitrous oxide from fertilizers, and lastly carbon monoxide, all of these gases warm and hurt the atmosphere. Some of these gases are caused by natural things on earth like volcanoes , but humans are the ones who are responsible for most of these gases in the air(“Global Warming”). Global warming is warming of the regions and that is what causes the severe weather and melting of the ice caps. Global warming is the result of human air pollution of the greenhouse gases into the environment and it is killing our planet. Lots of people do not know what global warming is. People are also unaware what is causing it and how it can be prevented. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases that we create and release into the atmosphere. Robert Royal, a scientist said,” it is mostly caused by carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.”Carbon dioxide is one of the dangerous greenhouse gases(Royal,Robert page 24). Global warming for the most part is a very bad and dangerous event and it needs to stop for humans and other animal species to survive , but some people think it is a good thing for our planet. James S. Robbin a scientist that studies the earth's atmosphere said , “ that it can be beneficial in ways (Robbin S. James page 33).” Global warming is really a damaging thing and is very dangerous. It is hurting our planet , but is killing it slowly and needs to stop for humans to survive. Global warming is bad for the planet and is real thing that is killing our planet and it is happening right now. All of the greenhouse gases
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