War throughout History

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Every war has two sides; some see it as a good side and a bad side. Within literature, this is put in as a story that goes by Good vs. Evil, in which the “good” side usually wins. The good side is the people that a person agrees with and the bad side is the people that they do not agree with. During World War II, the United States disagreed with the elimination of the Jews, so we saw Hitler as the bad guy. In Beowulf, there are two sides, Beowulf as the good while Grendel and his mother as the bad. With this example, Grendel is introduced with, “So times were pleasant for the people there / until finally one, a fiend out of hell, / began to work his evil in the world” (99-101). He is introduced and described as the bad guy of the story. With Beowulf agreeing to kill Grendel, we see him as the good guy. With war, either of the two sides that are fighting will most like have the same chance of winning and losing, whether it will be by luck or skill. Grendel had just the same amount of a chance of winning that Beowulf had, but he was out smarted in battle so he lost. The same thing goes with Grendel’s mother, she could have defeated Beowulf but was killed by being out smarted and out done. Beowulf even prepares himself to either win or lose his battle against Grendel when he states that "I had a fixed purpose when I put to sea. / As I sat in the boat with my band of men, / I meant to perform to the uttermost / what your people wanted or perish in the attempt, / in the fiend's clutches. And I shall fulfill that purpose, / prove myself with a proud deed / or meet my death here in the mead-hall" (632-638). With these thoughts in his mind, he greeted Grendel in a good vs. evil battle. With wars, or battles, there will always be two side... ... middle of paper ... ...Hell because of his actions against God. Satan’s mind was corrupted because he believed that his power matched that of God’s and tried to prove it by rebelling. Because of these actions, he and the other angels that rebelled with him were banished from Heaven and into the eternal torment of Hell. Satan, Beelzebub and the other angel’s actions led them all to their downfall because of their corrupt minds. Everyone has a reason for living, some find hardship when heeding for that living while others found things easier for them. War is a driving force for some; they believe that they can find their path by joining the army, while for others it leads them to their destruction. They may either be killed in action or come back with physical or mental damage that ruins their social lives. War is the destructive power that, if not controlled, will be the end of human kind.

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