War on Terror: Droned Out

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Droned Out
Shortly after September 11, 2001, former president George W. Bush declared an international “war on terror.” He then sent troops to threatening countries such as Afghanistan; these troops personally conducted operations in order to honorably defend our country. Fast forward eight years and insert current president Barack Obama who continues the campaign against terrorism with a different approach. Instead of using real soldiers on the ground to fight terrorism he is essentially using robots. Obama’s counter-terrorism approach consists of targeted drone strikes where UAV’s are used to assassinate suspected leaders of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. Meanwhile these strikes don’t always work, and they can hurt innocent bystanders. Also, some of the “terrorists” targeted have never been convicted of a crime, have never been tried, and are American citizens. Drones are causing more problems than they are solving. Due to exclusion of morality and the due process of law the use of military drones against terrorism is un-American, unconstitutional, and ineffective.
Our founding fathers created this great country based off of morals, patriotism, and democracy. Why would we take steps away from these ideas now? I understand the appeal to an airplane that can fly itself. Without a human pilot in danger we can drop bombs. Without any American blood shed we can kill…the unthreatening civilians of other countries. An editor in the article Ethics and Politics of Targeted Killings, The New York Times (2013) shows their opinion with the statement, “The consequences are innocent lives ended when a target is misidentified, communities embittered and turning against the United States.” They express the belief that the penalties of the...

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...ything America stands for. Morally, we are killing innocent people. Our true soldiers are being overshadowed by computer geeks sitting behind a screen “fighting” from thousands of miles away. Our president has too much power in his hands behind this program, and he is ultimately deciding whether someone’s life should be taken or not. Not to mention, this is all happening without putting our own American citizens through due process. As result of the Fifth Amendment a fair trial is their constitutional right, but instead we put no effort into capturing them and giving them their god given freedoms. On top of everything the U.S. drone program does wrong, it also doesn’t work. We are gaining more enemies without gaining information and essentially wasting time and money. The use of military drones against terrorism is un-American, unconstitutional, and ineffective.

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