War on Abuse

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Sexual harassment and abuse are acts of violence that are associated with cold blood criminals. It wouldn’t be thought that the men that serve and protect this country are more likely to abuse their fellow soldiers. These acts of sexual violence remain a military secret, closely guarded to protect the image of the armed forces. If you look behind the curtain of honor instilled upon these soldiers you would see the truth. You would see a story of injustice that protects the assailant and punishes the victims. There is no end in sight because of the flawed system that plaques all military divisions. The abuse will never end unless the military changes the policies and culture of abuse with in the system. The only way to end sexual violence in the military is determine its causes.
Before taking a closer look at the root of violence in the military it is important to know that violence is more common with in the ranks than it is in the civilian population. One in six women in the civilian experience sexual violence, where as one in three women in the military experience sexual violence. Also the rate of prosecution of military assailants is only 8% and civilian assailants are prosecuted 40%. These numbers are surprising and disturbing since the civilian population contains roughly 50% women (Koons 693). The military consists of only 14.3% women. Women have only been allowed to enlist in the military since the draft ended after the Vietnam War in the 1970’s. Today there are 1.3 million total enlisted servicemen and women. 194,881 are women and 1,123,650 men (Benedict). This makes women a minority within the military and as observed in sociology where there is a minority there is discrimination. This discrimination is largely display...

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...gender roles are the backbone of old policies that haven’t changed to help protect the soldiers. The psychology of how the soldiers grew up influences their judgment and drives them to sexually deviant behavior. This flawed system of allowing possible violent men to enter the military and unjust system of reporting keep the rapes hidden and the truth from light. Changing the ideology of all men is an impossible task. It would have to stem from how they are raised to view women in order to change the rape culture in the military. Since this task is impossible it would be easier to change policies to protect the women and promoted equality in the military. Changing policies and more importantly enforcing the policies even if they weren’t changed would shift the boy club culture to a culture of justice for women. These enforcements would force the men to respect women.
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