War in Iraq

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1. There was very little evidence and the United States acted prematurely. The evidence itself is confusing and somewhat misleading. As we look on the invasion many Americans were very enthusiastic about going to war with Iraq. However, we’re not trying to think about why we were not there or trying to justify other than speculate the following reasons. Did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction or was the United States to find about their military power? Possibly, the United States was trying to eliminate Saddam and his regime to promote democracy and peace. I think because of the 9/11 tragedy and maybe control of the oil resources gave the United States a reason to act like they did.

2. The approval rate of other countries is justified because no one likes a bully! And frankly the United States has been fitting this description all too well by showing countries that if you mess the United States your messing with the bull. President Bush proved this by making a 48 hour notice and invading Iraq exactly on the 48 hour mark. This shows other countries that the United States means business. If I could I would love to live in another country such as Australia. I believe that my view of American politics would drastically change! Maybe for the better because I would not be under the hammer so to speak. Indirectly, if American politics did not include the country I was living in. I would not take the time to care.

3. I have two opinions of this one Britain being an ally it should be there good pleasure to help in any way to fight the war in Iraq. Because the United States I feel would have done the same for Britain. That is just good relations between allied countries. If Britain did not help the United States they probably would not consider Britain to be a good ally to keep relations going like they have. My second opinion is that Britain should have not got involved with the United States against Iraq. For the simple fact, a big majority of Muslims lives there. Thereby making a terrorist attack more eminent. Britain should have negotiated a term to help the United States only in a real emergency.

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