War Promotes Nation Building

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War Promotes Nation Building War can promote nation building in various aspects. Politically, war can modernize the political system of a country; economically, war can encourage a huge number of industrial developments of a country; morally, war can destroy the evil ideas of the world. For the propose of this assignment, the following definition of nation building is provided: Nation building is the development or modernization of a country in political, economical, and/or social aspect(s). First of all, war can modernize the political system of a country. When a country was defeated in a territory, the regime would be replaced by another regime with a different form of government, and a different kind of political system. For instance, after the World War II (WW II), the Germany had turned from a dictatorship to a democracy. Japan had also become a democracy, while the mainland China became a communist. On the other hand, attack by foreigners can promote nationalism. Taking the period of the French Revolution as an example, while Napoleon built up a large army in Europe and conquered other countries, the Europeans was then turned to nationalism. The Europeans began to strengthen their countries, both in political and economical structure. These encouraged growth in their countries. China is another example, during the WWII, when China conquered by foreigners, the Chinese came together and fought against the invaders. Since then, the Chinese had built up a more powerful and modernized country. Since conflicts between nations make native to build up, modernize and improve their nations, including the political system. As a result, war promotes nation building. Economically, war can encourage the economic development of a nation. It is because war requires a huge number of government expenses for the army. For example, the wages for soldiers, the expenses for modernize the equipment and strengthen the army. These force the monarch or government of the nation to increase the income of the government first.
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