War For Independence-Mexico

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War for Independence
The war of independence is thought to have been a war of revolution. It is not, it is the breaking of colonial rule. It was based on politics and a separation of powers. In my paper I will go from the start of a rising discontentment amongst the indigenous population and how those above them exploit the failures for their own gain in a system where they have always been favored more over.
Once New Spain settled in its new territory, their system began to create its inner cores. New Spain from now on would be under direction of the mother country Spain. Its colonial system would be entrenched in the new colony and therefore, its economy would strive to gain profit to make Spain richer and stronger. Their economy was based on agriculture, ranching, mining, industry, and commerce. For the most labor that would go into doing these jobs would be the indigenous peoples, or “Indians”. While in some cases many were paid decent wages, most were treated unfairly or poorly and would be worked for many long hard hours. In mines, the “Indians” would suffer greatly dust and fumes inhaled in the damp, dark shafts of the mines. Countless died from having worked there. The ranching industry in the north would gain most of its production of cultivation to large amounts of livestock through labor from the “Indians”. Haciendas , with again the labor of “Indians”, would provide throughout New Spain agricultural needs such as, fruits, vegetables, and grains introduced by the Spaniards. “Without slaves and forced labor, who was to carry out the necessary takes of labor?” The answer would be the “Indians” who would go on to build New Spain’s lower aspect of the economy. Soon enough it wasn’t long for many other resisting “Indians” to give in to their new occupant’s demands for labor and start to work for them. It wasn’t long till some “Indians” found refuge.
In earlier years of conquest the colonial church was still intact by the time the country was now New Spain. The church organization had by then created two distinct branches- secular and regular clergy. This would then spread around the word of Christianity to save souls. By assimilating this spread to the population of “Indians” they would then get acculturated into thinking their way of living was evil and to abandon their beliefs and to always “praise the lord”. Through t...

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... soon caught by officials of Mexico City. Hidalgo was executed for his actions on July 31 the following year.
Criollos would recognize the failed effort into what Hidalgo had put into the independence. It wasn’t soon till congress formally declared independence and issued several series of principles that should be incorporated into a new constitution such as; slavery and all caste systems should be abolished and all judicial torture should be abolished as well. The independence hadn’t yet been fully established until the Plan de Iguala came into effect through Lieutenant Augustin de Iturbide made that happened.
Following the wars of Independence the military would be very much involved in the political processes of government. More civil wars and national wars would come out of Mexico in the years following their break from Spain. The Mexican identity myth would arise from a social contentment that that’s what the “people” or “Indians” would like to be referred to by once New Spain found its country’s name, Mexico. Nothing changed once the country became independent in terms of social status. Still the “Indians” and Mestizos remained at the bottom.
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