War Child by Emmanuel Jal

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Introduction In Emmanuel Jal’s, War Child, the author talks about the beginning of his life as a child soldier; he speaks of the excitement and how it was one of the best things that happened to him since he was with his mother and family. Through warfare, it taught Jal to become more like a man and not to cry like a fragile woman; he says “I did not want to feel sad and cry each day as I ached for [my mother and siblings]” (62). He was determined to be mentally and physically strong to survive. This dialogic paper about children and their involvement in violence offers two opposing arguments and a higher solution to the arguments: first, raising children in a bad environment will make them hateful and unable to become healthy and happy people, second, that raising children in a harsh environment will cause them to become strong people who defend themselves and are strong-willed, and third, raising children with discipline would help them learn the right ways connecting with other people, instead of being extremely hateful towards or afraid of other people. Summary The story starts off with Jal thinking to himself before his big show and what his mother has told him when he was little: that they would once survive all that had happened to them and come to America. Throughout the book, Jal talks about his hardships from the war between the two religious groups and from his family life. That all changed one day when, his father who was barely there for him surprisingly takes him away and tells him that he’ll go to school for the good of his country. However, Jal learns that it was all a lie, going to school and the dream of flying a nyanking. With his experience of being a child soldier, he talks about warfare that he has been thr... ... middle of paper ... ...-traumatic stress in former Ugandan child soldiers." The Lancet 363.9412 (2004): 861-63. PDF file. Ensor, Marisa O. Child Soldiers and Youth Citizens in South Sudan’s Armed Conflict. 2012. 282, E-book. Felton, John. "Child Soldiers." CQ Global Researcher 2.7 (2008): 187-211. CQ Researcher Online. Web. 2 Apr. 2014. Jal, Emmanuel. War Child: A Child Soldier's Story. New York: St. Martin's, 2009. Print. Moscardino, Ughetta, Sara Scrinmin, Francesca Cadei and Gianmarco Altoè. Mental Health among Former Child Soldiers and Never-Abducted Children in Northern Uganda. 2012. E-book. Wessells, Michael G. Child Soldiers: From Violence to Protection. N.p.: Harvard UP, 2009. Print. Williams, Richard. "The Psychosocial Consequences for Children of Mass Violence, Terrorism And Disasters." International Review of Psychiatry 19.3 (2007): 263-277. EBSCO MegaFILE. Web. 25 Feb. 2014.

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