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The realism period lasted from about the American civil war to around the 1914. The realism period was a period when the people of the time focused on the real world. They focused on science and reality instead of religion and emotions. Two great pieces of literature written during this time were; a poem written by Stephen Crane called “war is kind” and a speech written by chief joseph called “I Will Fight No More Forever.” Stephen Crane was born on 1871 in New York and died in 1900. Chief Joseph was born on 1840 in Oregon and died in 1904. Both “War is Kind” and” “I Will Fight No More Forever” were written in the realism period and both describe a similar theme, which is war. The poem “War is Kind” is considered one of the greatest war poem of the time and it is a way to express anti-war thoughts by criticizing the war. In the poem Stephen uses verbal irony to explain to the reader about the reality of war. For example when he says “A field where a thousand corpses lie. Do not weep, babe for war is kind.”(lit textbook Stephen Crane, War is Kind) He is explaining the theme which is t...

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