Walter Elias, The Creator Of Disneyland Theme Parks And Walt Disney

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Walter Elias was the founder of Disneyland Theme Parks and Walt Disney World. And he was the animator creator of the cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Disney appearances on Wonderful World of Color made him a great-recognized figure. He was devoted to his family a lot. Got married in 1925 to Lillian Bounds who was one of his employees. The marriage lasted until death did them apart. They had two daughters, Diane Marie and Shanon Mae.(Walt Disney-Producer, Entrepreneur-Biography)
Disney was the fourth child of Elias Disney, Where they moved to a farm near Marceline, Missouri. It was a small town which had furnished inspiration and the model of main street U.S.A. of Disneyland. Disney began to go to school where he showed his talent
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ggDisney came up with Mickey Mouse on a train ride home from having a meeting with Mintz in New York. He did want to call the Mouse Mortimer, but changed it to Mickey from the suggestion of his wife, Lillian. The first film he ever did was “Steamboat Willie” in New York City; the success was initial due to technical innovation. In addition, “Steamboat Willie” became the first cartoon that added synchorized music and effects track. Mickey mouse became so popular internationally so then, the League of Nations awarded Disney a medal in 1935 for creating mickey mouse.(Walt Disney-Producer,…show more content…
After having a tumultuous opening involving different mishaps and thousands of counterfeit invitations. Then they named the site a place where children and their families could adventure, go on rides, and meet Disney characters. The park increased its investments in a very short time, and was very entertaining to tourists all around the world. Disney then started to expand its rides throughout the years and came with parks in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong, with a Shanghai location opening in December 2015. Sister Property California Adventure opened in 2001.(Walt Disney-Producer, Entrepreneur-
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