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Traditionally, there has been delight in creating cartoon interpretations of American history. However, it draws wide skepticism when they are inaccurately portrayed, such as Walt Disney’s film Pocahontas. As a child, cartoons are essentially important for a child’s development, both physically and mentally. Therefore, fairy tales help children understand the complexity of life. These visions use various symbols to teach morals and cognitive skills. Walt’s film is connected to the legends and folktales surrounding Pocahontas, it was not intended to be historical but to promote racial tolerance. According to EyeWitness to History, Walt Disney’s film Pocahontas is not historically precise compared to “Captain John Smith is Saved by Pocahontas,” because when she met John Smith she was aged 11 or 12 (“Captain John Smith”).…show more content…
The problem that is that Disney chose a historical person and a historical legend or folktale in which to display the theme. It is clear that Disney never intended to write or rewrite history. They were portraying tolerance and understanding. The importance of Pocahontas is that the film will succeed in bringing the Legend of Pocahontas to life. It conveys the essential elements that are present in the historical story, and it demonstrates that Pocahontas was an individual who influenced the course of history by making a courageous decision. Disney hoped to portray the Native Americans in a way that they have never before been seen in Hollywood. Children should try to imagine what it was like in the beginning of our country following the arrival of Columbus and the colonists, from the viewpoint of those who met him as well as those who sent him. Majority of the stories about early colonization are told to children are from the white man’s point of view. It can be easily argued that Pocahontas helps to tell the story from both points of

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